Space Ship Tourism Package

Space Ship in Earth Orbit


    Ticket Price: $5,000,000 USD
    Travel Time: 1 Day
    Time at Destination: 45 Days
    Time in Space: 46 Days
    Transport Vehicle: VentureStar
    Space Vehicle: Space Ship
    Port of Call: Space Station Alpha

Ride the VentureStar Single Stage To Orbit Reentry Vehicle to space! Dock with Space Station One! Spend 55 days in a spaceship! Experience the thrill of walking in space!


Passengers get to leave the space station when they purchase the Space Ship tourism package. Once the spaceliner has docked, 2 Black Shirts, 2 Yellow Shirts, and 8 tourists board their temporary home docked at the bottom of the space station.

The Space Ship uses a CM3_12–10–45–11467, a three–level Crew Module housing 12 astronauts and 10 EVA suits for 45–days.

Two Utility Vehicles will be docked at the top and bottom of the CM, used to transport the CM and as emergency airlock.

The ship will dock and undock with the space station several times, with the tourist inside experiencing the thrill of EVA away from anyone else.


Kindly Note: This package is currently not available. Please check back at a later time.