Overnight Tourism Package

VentureStar Reentry Vehicle

    Ticket Price: $1,000,000 USD
    Time in Space: 24 Hours
    Transport Vehicle: VentureStar
    Port of Call: Space Station Alpha
    EVA Type: None

Ride the VentureStar Single Stage To Orbit Reentry Vehicle to space! Dock with Space Station One!


The Overnight Tourism Package is the least expensive.

The image below displays the internal layout of the VentureStar passenger section. The pilots are Purple Shirts and the Flight Engineer is a Yellow Shirt Tourism Officer responsible for the first two rows of passengers. Together they comprise 9 people. The changing room is used for passenger hygiene.

A diagram of the VentureStar Escape Module

Once docked to Space Station Alpha, the other 24 passengers disembark, leaving the pilots and the Overnight group behind.

The 8 tourists spend a day exploring their unique surroundings with the Yellow Shirt as their chaperon. Their meals and sleep quarters are inside the empty docked spaceliner.

When it is time to go, a new group of 24 joins the 9, and together they head home.


Kindly Note: This package is currently not available. Please check back at a later time.