Lunar Hotel Tourism Package

A View of Earth From Lunar Base One


    Ticket Price: $20,000,000 USD
    Travel Time: 8 Days
    Time at Destination: 45 Days
    Time in Space: 53 Days
    Transport Vehicle: VentureStar
    Space Vehicle: Lunar Shuttle
    Port of Call: Lunar Base One

Ride the VentureStar Single Stage To Orbit Reentry Vehicle to space! Dock with Space Station One! Ride the Cislunar Shuttle to Lunar Orbit, then ride the Lunar Vehicle to the lunar surface! Visit Moon Base Alpha! Experience the thrill of walking on the Moon!


Hotel stays for the tourist offer an experience unparalleled. Ten tourists along with two Yellow Shirts check into their rooms after arriving at Moon Base One. They will explore the station in depth during their 45–day stay.

The berthing module is hardened to reduce exposure to harmful space radiation. The EVA module is not hardened. The tourism Singlewide will have 6 sleeping units occupied. Two Singlewides will house 12 people.

The astronauts enter through a Connector and then turn left or right to the Commons Area. Beyond this space is the storage/galley section and berthing for 6.

Lunar Base Hotel Accommodations

The Commons Area will provide an open area for the hotel guests to gather.

Adjacent to the Connector is the EVA area, where tourists get to experience Moonwalking. An electric–powered lunar "buggy" will be parked nearby where the astronauts can take tours of the Moon station.

Another gathering place will surely be the observation section of the EVA module located on top of the Connector at the end of the EVA module. This area is also open like the commons area, only this one has windows. This deck can act as a "porch" for tourists.

Attached to the Connector is another Connector which will be used as an emergency airlock in case an astronaut cannot click–in to their EVA port.


Kindly Note: This package is currently not available. Please check back at a later time.