Moon Ship Tourism Package

Moon Ship on the Far Side of the Moon


    Ticket Price: $7,500,000 USD
    Travel Time: 1 Day
    Time at Destination: 7 Days
    Time in Space: 8 Days
    Transport Vehicle: VentureStar
    Space Vehicle: Moon Ship
    Port of Call: Space Station Alpha

Ride the VentureStar Space Shuttle to Space! Dock with Space Station One! Ride a rocket on a voyage once around the Moon!


When lunar passengers go to the Moon, the VentureStar will need to wait for the other passengers to return from the Moon. During this time, the 8 Overnight tourists now are stuck docked at the space station for 8 days. So we'll instead send them to the Moon as well with this Moon Ship tourism package.

Once docked at Space Station Alpha, the other 24 passengers disembark, leaving the pilots and the Moon Ship group behind.

The 8 tourists spend a day exploring their unique surroundings with a Yellow Shirt as their chaperon. Their meals and sleep quarters are inside the empty docked spaceliner.

After spending the night aboard the spaceliner like a normal Overnight tourist, the Yellow Shirt and tourists are joined by a Blue Shirt and board their temporary home docked at the bottom of the space station. The ship will use a CM1_10–00–07–2863, a single–level Crew Module housing 10 astronauts with no EVA ports for 7 days.

The CM is attached to an Orbital Vehicle and sent on its way. The Moon Ship then ignites its engines to eventually loop around the Moon and return home, with the round trip lasting 7 days.

At the beginning of their journey, they will hear the immortal words that only Apollo astronauts have heard regarding an orbital trajectory called Translunar Injection:

"Go for TLI"

After engine shutdown, the tourists will get to see the Earth shrink as the days go by.

After 3.5 days, the Moon ship whips around the far side, giving the tourists a unique view of our celestial neighbor few have seen.

They will then get to see the most spectacular vision imaginable: Earthrise.

They then take another 3–and–a–half days to fall back to Earth. They then get to experience something that even Apollo astronauts never got to experience, an orbital maneuver called Earth Orbit Injection:

"Go for EOI"

The crew then dock back with the space station after their 7–day trek and spend another overnight inside the spaceliner before going home the next day. Total time in space: 9 days.


Kindly Note: This package is currently not available. Please check back at a later time.