Rocket Ship Tourism Package

Rocket Ship Leaving Earth Orbit


    Ticket Price: $10,000,000 USD
    Travel Time: 1 Day
    Time at Destination: 45 Days
    Time in Space: 46 Days
    Transport Vehicle: VentureStar
    Space Vehicle: Rocket Ship
    Port of Call: Space Station Alpha

Ride the VentureStar Single Stage To Orbit Reentry Vehicle to space! Dock with Space Station One! Ride the Orbital Vehicle to unprecedented heights! Experience the thrill of walking in space!


The Rocket Ship is made up of different vehicles and Crew Modules. We will use the CM1_12–00–16–3991, a single–level Crew Module housing 12 astronauts and no EVA suits for 16 days.

We will also use two CM1_06–05–29–3800, a single–level Crew Module housing 6 astronauts and 5 EVA suits for 29 days.

The Rocket Ship Tourists will start their adventure in outer space in Space Ship mode. They will spend the first 11 of 16 days in this configuration, practicing EVAs, etc.

After 11 days, the lower Utility Vehicle (UV) undocks and redocks at the top of the stack, to help hold it steady. An OV then docks with the bottom CM and moves away. A second OV repeats the maneuver with the second CM. They are now ready to fire their rocket engines.

The tourists then spend 14.5 days climbing up to a maximum altitude of 783,750 kg AGL. At this distance, the Earth–Moon system should be visible together in the same part of the sky. They get to go outside the spacecraft at that altitude, achieving something even NASA can't do.

The tourists then spend another 14.5 days falling back to Earth. Total time away is 29 days. After docking back with the space station, the UVs redock and revert to space ship mode for the last 5 days of their stay. 


Kindly Note: This package is currently not available. Please check back at a later time.